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Welcome to Angelika Lincoln Photography!

The pictures presented here are about people, their lives and their stories that wanted to be captured and told.

All my life I have loved telling stories through pictures because what else can explain an emotion or a scene better than a photograph.

Nothing gives me more fulfillment than capturing a special moment and be able to share it with others or give it back to the person they belong to.

Photography has been a passion I have been following by heart since my youth. Living in Shanghai now finally gives me the chance to live this dream and to make this passion center of my life.

My theme is: Keep it REAL, show it as it IS, because everyone is UNIQUE.
Life is full of colour, emotions, big things, small things and sometimes crazy things happening in between.

I hope that you see and enjoy this life whilst looking through my galleries. Thanks for stopping by!

.. and me know if YOU have a story to tell - I will be excited to hear from you.

All the Best, Alles Gute, Zaijane!