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Smiles in America for a heart in China

October 09, 2018
Finally! After a long break, I got news from my charity project " Share the happiness". When we left Shanghai in 2016 I made a commitment that, in gratitude for the good life we had in China, I would continue supporting Heart to Heart in Shanghai. H2H is a fund raising organization, enabling poor children in China a life saving heart surgery. Th...
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Memories of Vietnam

January 30, 2018
I was just watching a documentary on Vietnam on TV. It reminded me of a trip we did to this amazing country. Before I knew it my laptop made it´s way onto my knees and I ended up browsing through my very own story of Vietnam. Hannah was 2,5 years old when we decided to take a 10 day vacation visiting this beautiful country in former Indochina. W...
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One year after Shanghai, National Geographic and a dream

September 19, 2017
I´m looking out the window, see fall approaching in front of my doorstep and suddenly realize - It´s been over a year that we left Shanghai. A year of changes and transformation as I moved with my little family from China to the United States. It´s been a very long journey for us. I paused in my work as photographer to make sure that Paul, Hannah...
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Good bye Shanghai - I love you

December 22, 2016
I´m looking out the window of the world financial center in Pudong. Better known as "bottle opener". I´m looking over this mega city which is home to nearly 30 million people. 30 million lifes, hopes, dreams and stories. This chaos and hustle bustle called Shanghai - it was my home for nearly 6 years. Never I would have thought that on the day w...
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Share the Happiness - with Wei Xinyue

December 08, 2016
This is the story of a little girl from from Jiangsu Province. Her Name is Wie Xinyue and was not even 6 months when she came to hospital. This is her story: Wei Xinyue was diagnosed with CHD on Jan 1, 2016. Only 10 days after she was born. She had a lung infection and was in the hospital for 10 days. She went home and got another infection 2 da...
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