Angelika Lincoln Photography: Blog en-us (C) Angelika Lincoln Photography (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:22:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:22:00 GMT Smiles in America for a heart in China Finally! After a long break, I got news from my charity project "Share the happiness".  When we left Shanghai in 2016 I made a commitment that, in gratitude for the good life we had in China,  I would continue supporting Heart to Heart in Shanghai. H2H is a fund raising organization, enabling poor children in China a life saving heart surgery. 


This is the story of my donation to a little baby boy. It was my 6th child to support since I started my business. But this one was a special project. Here is why:

After many years of yoga practise all over the world it had become on of my dreams  that before I would return home to Germany I would get certified as yoga teacher. When I discovered the Red Lotus school of Yoga in Rochester (Michigan)  I knew that  I had found  right place to make this dream come true. The training to become an international registered yoga teacher (RYT) consisted of 200 hours of theory, physical practise, philosophy - and a 6hr "karma yoga" project meaning an act of unselfish action or in other words: Doing a good deed without expectation of anything in return.


I knew that this would be a wonderful opportunity to bring my love for photography and yoga together. I felt so inspired that I asked my dear friend Regina, who still lives and works as yoga teacher in Shanghai, if she wanted to join me. She didn´t think twice.

We were beaming with excitement across the oceans at the thought of this mini global project. Her part was going to teach a special yoga class on donation basis in China. I on my side was offering family portraits in beautiful Stony Metro Creek park in Michigan.


When we were finished Regina was able to hand over 6000 RMB to H2H from both of us (= 750EUR/870USD). Thats a good chunk of the cost of a heart surgery. (It needs 30.000RMB)

We had to wait for the rest of the money  to come together at H2H side until our donation was allocated. Finally in March we were notified that a sweet little boy, only 5 months old was going to benefit from surgery. 


His name is Yang Zian from Shangdong province and this is his story:


Yang Zian was diagnosed with a complete endocardial cushion defect in Quancheng county Hospital in Shangdong province. 

There are 7 members in the family. The grandfather has diabetes and the grandmother has hypertension. Their medication costs around 20,000 yuan per year (2500 EUR/2900USD).

The grandparents work the small farm.  When there is time, the father does welding on construction sites.   The mother stays home taking care of 3 children - Yang Zian, his 4 year old sister and 3 month old brother. His sister had an operation for CHD at Yodak Hospital in 2016 and the newly born brother also has CHD. The later will wait to see if his defect self-heals.  They borrowed RMB 50,000 for the sisterÆs operation which they are still paying back.  The grandparents are also in debt for 20,000 yuan.  They can't afford Yang Zian's surgery.

Information provided by H2H

Yang Zian had to stay for some days in hospital to stabilize in his condition before was able to undergo a complex, open heart surgery. H2H makes sure that all family members are looked after in this time. Thankfully the operation went well and a few days later, Regina was able to visit the boy and his family in hospital



Meeting the families after the surgery is one of my most valuable memories of our time in China.  I was so happy for Regina to make this experience, too. The moment when you get to meet the child and it´s family is just an overwhelming feeling of love and humbleness. It´s a true "heart opener".


Yang Zian had to stay for some more days in care, but when it was time, Karen informed us that he was all ok to go home:


Hi Regina and Angelika,

"I'm so glad that Regina was able to visit Yang Zian while he was in the hospital.  I hope you enjoyed the visit.  I know the family was glad to have met you since your donation was so instrumental in getting Yang Zian the surgery he needed.  I thought you would want to know that he passed his post-surgery tests yesterday and was able to check out and return home with his family.  Fantastic news!

Yang Zian will get a checkup in 6 months and then will be monitored for a few years.  Since his situation was so complex, it could be that he needs a follow-up surgery when he gets a little older and grows bigger.  We'll see what happens.  Nevertheless, for the time being he is doing really well.  He wouldn't have been doing well without the surgery, however, so thank you SO much for helping to give him this chance at life."


Let´s hope that he does not need a follow up operation. In any case he will now be looked after by the hospital and H2H. This is the reason why I love supporting Heart to Heart. Despite me living now across the globe I still feel so close to them and I KNOW that everyones energy and money is 100% going to those children who need it!


About the time when Yang Zian was sent home I completed my teacher training and proudly received the RYT200 certification - hooray!

Only a couple of days later it was time to pack boxes again for our next move: - After 1,5 years in Michigan, and 5,5 in China it was also time for us to return home to Germany. It was not part of our agenda to leave Michigan already, but sometimes life has it´s surprises. You learn to accept and allow yourself to go with the flow of life.  After all it is a good life for us. And I could not be more grateful for it. We may only have spent a relatively short period in the US, but having been able to make my dream come true and to help at least one more child makes me feel that it was all worth the effort.


I´m writing this post back in Germany and look at these wonderful smiles back in Michigan and little Yang Zian in China.  


Thank you, to all who have supported me on this journey and project.

Special thanks to the Schober Family, Monika and her sweet boys and the Dayouw Family!!!

And thank you Regina for making this happen!

Together we have bridged a rainbow of LOVE and LIGHT across the globe straight into someones heart.


Another "circle of happiness" is complete.











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Memories of Vietnam I was just watching a documentary on Vietnam on TV. It reminded me of a trip we did to this amazing country. Before I knew it my laptop made it´s way onto my knees and I ended up browsing through my very own story of Vietnam. 

Hannah was 2,5 years old when we decided to take a 10 day vacation visiting this beautiful country in former Indochina. We used to live in Shanghai at that time, so taking our little one there was very easy. No special jabs required or concerns of climate adjustment. We were used to it.

We started our journey in the north in Hanoi. From living in a chinese mega city, and many previous travels we thought were used to the dynamics of an Asian city. EXCEPT for Hanoi took the stress of traffic to another level. 

Whilst Shanghai roads are permanently congested with cars and trucks, Hanoi was just as bad but mostly with scooters and bikes. And since two wheelers and pedestrians share the same roads and "pavements" that made it quite an adventure moving around. Especially with a stroller in your hands. However, it was heaps of fun! And if we ever lived in the present moment with no other thoughts going on than it was in Hanoi - for our safety sake ;-). 

We absolutely loved wondering around this beautiful city. Think French Architecture, steaming hot temperatures, the colors and smells of asian street food on every corner,  cooked and eaten the most heart warming people -  and a  LOT of them. Hanoi is one fantastic melting pot - literally.

I have no idea how I managed to take pictures, whilst making sure not ending up on someone elses scooter. But somehow I did and  I´m glad to share  with you.

Here is HANOI:


If you ever get the chance to go to Hanoi. You MUST go to CONG Cafe - BEST VIETNAMESE COFFE IN TOWN!!

This city really never sleeps:

Next stop was Hue in the center of the country. It is the ancient capital of Vietnam. We spent a couple of days strolling around the former forbidden place and tombs. Hannah loved climbing around the old ruins - providing "Wau Wau" (her stuffed animal dog) was with her

From Hue we took a car about 3 hours south to our last stop in HoiAn. HoiAn is an old trading town which was once inhabited by the Portugese and Dutch. But what gives this place the real character is that it is the only city in Vietnam which was not destroyed in the war. It is JUST BEAUTIFUL. Especially when night falls it unfolds all it´s charm when the lights are beeing switched on:

HoiAn has also a beautiful beach which is still pretty undeveloped (at that time anyway). Here we stayed for the remaining days of this journey. Relaxing in our own little Vietnamese style home, hanging around on the beach, building sand castles, drinking Vietnamese coffe. And for breakfast Paul took the scooter downtown to get some french Baguett ;-)


It´s been a real great holiday! Next time we travel from South to North!

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One year after Shanghai, National Geographic and a dream I´m looking out the window, see fall approaching in front of my doorstep and suddenly realize - It´s been over a year that we left Shanghai. A year of changes and transformation as I  moved with my little family  from China to the United States. It´s been a very long journey for us.

I paused in my work as photographer  to make sure that Paul, Hannah and I would make it here safely and happy. Moving from one side of the world to the other, taking our time to arrive, learning about a new culture and how things work. We looked out for new friends - and what great ones we found!. Twelve months later we can truly say: We feel settled, we have arrived.

In our move we did not only unpack boxes of housing goods. There was an abundance of personal photographs of our life in Shanghai. Memories and stories I had collected but never had a chance reflect on on whilst still living over there. And not just my external hard drives were full: when leaving Shanghai my head was overloaded. I had seen so much. I felt almost blind. It was time for a break from my camera and catch up with my own story. 

As I was sorting through my files I stumbled upon an emotional moment: The portrait of our daughter, Hannah when she said good by to our neighbors in Shanghai.


I had forgotten about it, but there is a story to this picture.  Today I want to share it with you. It´s about a dream that came true on that day.

Ever since we had moved into our apartment in Gao An Lu (2011), we shared the house with Mr. and Mrs. Jing. They were the kindest people you could think of. A very respectful, loving, elder couple who had always lived in this house. I remember when I was introduced to Mrs Jing, she welcomed me with the words:  "If you ever need help in life or other, we will be there for you". A heartwarming outreach to a foreigner they had never met. I knew, Paul and I  we had found the right place for us to live.

From the first day I met them I had this wish to take portrait one day. But because of language and cultural differences this was not an easy to approach. It always felt like I would overstep an invisible line of respect and that it would not be aproppiate.

In 2013 Hannah was born and with our own parents thousands of miles away from us, Mr and Mrs. Jing came became a little closer to us. One day Hannah started to call them "Lao Lao" (Grandmother) and "Ye Ye" (Grandfather). However I still did not feel brave enough to ask them to take their Picture.

Mrs. Jing knew of my job as photographer but we never talked about it. She waited 5 years until the very last day when she suddenly  asked very shyly if it would be possible for me to take a professional picture of her and her husband and maybe also Hannah? - I could not believe my luck! At last -  My long term wish coming true!


It was one of those hot sweaty July days. Too hot to shoot outside. Our apartment was already almost empty. The only furniture left was a sofa in Hannahs former bedroom. With the sun flooding the walls, reflecting this beautiful warm light it seemed like the ideal spot to take their Portrait.


Photographing them was a very emotional experience for me. Hannah was only three years old but somehow she understood that we soon were going on a long journey with no return. On one side my heart was jumping with joy for finally having the opportunity to capture our neighbors. At the same time my mothers heart hurt so much at the thought  that our daughter may not even remember the Jings, or anything of her life in Shanghai one day. 



I love the way they both touch. Gentle, close, yet respectful. Two generations, two cultures united in this one Moment. Time seems to stand still.

It´s a moment of silence. Their good bye - forever.


A year later National Geographic invited their photocommuity to join on an assignment called "Finding Family". I somehow felt I could try entering this image as it defines family in a wider sense to us. Just to see what would happen.

I always felt deep respect for the work of other photographers and admired those published in National Geographic. It became my secret dream that one day in my life I would have a picture so good that it would get recognized amongst the sea of millions of others.


And then this happend:


From 6900 Pictures the jury picked Hannah and Lao Lao for their final (online) Story!:  Finding Family

I had no words when I found out.  Just sheer joy and happiness. I felt so grateful and honored. Thanks to "We-chat" I was able to share this sensation with the Jings back in China.  Their response came immediately:


"You´re great.


We are so proud of you.

Being neighbor with you and your Family is sweet Memory for us

Keep going and make your dream even more brilliant "


Before we left Germany, back in 2010 I remember thinking:  "I don´t know why I should move to China. All I know is I have to go and find out WHY"

I know now: THIS is why. 


Whatever it is you believe in you want to do: Trust that your heart tells you the truth and trust that one day things will fall into place. Just keep on walking your path. I used to have so many doubts. Through this story life showed me that I made all the right decisions on my way.


I´m a story teller by heart.

And I love to build bridges between people.

This is why I´m here, what I live and love for .

...and I´m ready to move on now.

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Good bye Shanghai - I love you


I´m looking out the window of the world financial center in Pudong. Better known as "bottle opener". I´m looking over this mega city which is home to nearly 30 million people. 30 million lifes, hopes, dreams and stories. This chaos and hustle bustle called Shanghai - it was my home for nearly 6 years. 


Never I would have thought that on the day when it is time to leave I would look back over this mega metropolis and feel nothing but love for it. Despite my hesitations at the beginning - from the moment I arrived I was welcomed with open arms, embraced by a different culture and accepted by who I was and what I did.


I´m looking out of this window thinking "I had the time of my life" - WE had the time of our life. My husband and I arrived just the two of us and sitting here a few years later I´m holding this beautiful, healthy 3 year old girl in my arms who was born somewhere down there in this chaos. This concrete jungle - it is full of memories of love of a first time mother. I could not be more happy for carrying the proud title "Mommy" and look back in disbelief that my dream came true:  I am  leaving  Shanghai  as professional photographer.


What started as idea has blossomed and grown in China, the country I originally was so against living in. But yet sometimes when these doors open you have to just go trough them and find out whats behind. Never I would have thought life would take this amazing turn as it did.


l loved going round Shanghai with my camera, diving into the city. I a way becoming one with. I may never have achieved to speak fluent Chinese. But if there is something that I have learnt than that it doesn´t matter where you come from and who you are. Deep in our hearts we are all the same, we carry the same spirit. And if we can find in this spirit in another person than it doesn´t require words to connect. You just do it and often I was granted to capture that moment with my camera. These memories are real treasures in my heart. And I shall forever be grateful for them.


Thank you Shanghai for embracing me, 

for letting me grow 

for giving us a safe and amazing home as family

for adventures, happy and challenging ones

for showing me that I can believe in my dreams and make them work

for making me feel alive and being part of you

for being my HOME


THANK YOU  to my dear FRIENDS and FAMILY back home and across the world who have always encouraged me on my journey. For, still after all these years make me feel home when I see them. Thank you for being my roots, my strength  and thank you for allowing me to share this experience with you.


THANK YOU  for my amazing CUSTOMERS and everyone I  got to meet on the street during the shootings and beyond. Everyone seemed to have something to give to me. Whether it was letting me capture their memories or just giving me the feeling to be a tiny part of China. 


THANK YOU to HEART TO HEART who let me feel like I´m part of their family and allowed me to live  my vision of helping children in need with my work.  I shall find a way to continue supporting these children wherever I live!


But most of all THANK YOU to my dear HUSBAND, PAUL. For that extra glass of  wine in Summer 2010 back in Germany and the comment " I rather sit with you on the sofa when we are old and look with you at two crazy years in China than not having tried it". Who would ever thought it would turn into nearly 6! You made all this magic possible!


Thanks for making us go, for letting us grow and for being on my side, whatever happens! This picture YOU took of Hannah and me on top of the bottle opener on our last night in Shanghai - it´s my favorite one of the thousands and thousand taken in China.


A new journey is now waiting for us on the other side of the planet - in  USA . A new door - a new start - and I can´t wait to find out whats behind it! Something ends, something starts - that´s the way life goes.


Shanghai  - Wo ai ni! - I love you!



Thank you Ryan for putting this little video of me and my work together!  Looking back I can say it´s taken me five years to find these words ;-)








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Share the Happiness - with Wei Xinyue This is the story of a little girl from  from Jiangsu Province. Her Name is Wie Xinyue and was not even 6 months when she came to hospital. This is her story:


Wei Xinyue was diagnosed with CHD on Jan 1, 2016. Only 10 days after she was born. She had a lung infection and was in the hospital for 10 days. She went home and got another infection 2 days later. Surgery  was suggested to fix her heart so she could gain strength.

There are 6 members in the family - her grandparents, parents and a 2 year old sister. The grandparents both work on the farm and their income is around 1000 yuan (100USD) a year. The father works as a laborer on a construction field earns around 10,000 yuan  (1000 USD) a year. The mother stays home taking care of the children.

The grandparents are both physically weak and they have been taking medicine. The grandfather had cardiac surgery last year which cost RMB 70,000.  (7000USD) He still needs to take medicine. He was then in an accident in December and the family borrowed money again for his medical treatment.


Information and photo provided by H2H


I had the chance to meet Wei Xinyue  a few days after she had undergone open heart surgery at Yodak hospital. She was still in the recovery station where visitors are allowed to stay only for a very short time. Even the family can not stay with the child longer. For this reason I unfortunately did not get the chance to meet the mother and ayi to take their family pictures.



This was my fifth and most emotional meeting with a sponsored child. Being a mother myself I could not help but feeling slightly overwhelmed  by this little one who was still monitored by machines and looked ever so lost in this big hospital bed.


I felt like I wanted to pick her up, cuddle her and tell her that everything is going to be ok.  I can not  imagine what it must be like for the parents to see their child in this condition. But giving it a second thought I think they must have been ever so relieved for their little girl to receive this life saving surgery after all. Now Wei Xinyue stands a chance to live a life in this world. 


A week after my visit  Karen from H2H informed me that Wei Xinyue had recovered well enough to return home to Jiangsu Province. 

I could not have been more relieved about this message as for this was  - so far - my last child which I could help sponsoring whilst living in Shanghai.


Thank you to all those wonderful people that let me capture their precious moments and stories

Their donation of the photo shootings were a major contribution towards Wei Xinyue´s Heart surgery.


Another "Circle of happiness" is complete!



"Share the happiness" is a personal charity project. 20% of each photo shooting are going towards sponsoring a heart surgery with Heart to Heart.

For more information, please click HERE



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Share the Happiness - with Wei Minke This is the heartwarming story of little Wei Minke, a two year old boy from Guanxi province who  we were able to help receiving a life saving heart surgery:


One month after Wei Mingke was born, he was sent to the hospital because of an upper respiratory tract infection. He was found to have VSD by ultrasound there.

There are 6 members in the family. The parents work on their farm breeding silkworms. The father tries to go to Fuoshan city to earn more money when farming is slow. The grandparents are too old to work and they need to be taken care of.
The grandfather has diabetes and must take medicine. Wei Mingke has a 9 year old brother. The parents opened a little restaurant years ago, which resulted in the family being RMB 30000 in debt.
They are even more in debt now since Wei Mingke needs treatments. They can't afford the surgery.

Information provided by Heart to Heart


I had the chance to meet Wei Mingke a few days after he undergone the operation at Yodak Hospital. He was recovering fast and appeared to me as strong and happy little boy. His mother told me that meanwhile the family had given up silk worm farming and that the father was now working full time as laborer.


With the sucessfully surgery hopefully the financial and overall situation of the family will improve. I have seen it during my fieldtrips with Heart to Heart that many families do much better once the health worry is gone.


The day after my visit, Wei Mingke, his mother and Ayi made their long way back home to Guanxi province. A 26 hour train ride was waiting for them. I hope that they made it back home ok and that from now on there is a bright future waiting ahead of them


Thank you to all those beautiful families that let me capture their precious moments.

Their donation of the photo shootings were a major contribution towards Wei Minkes Heart surgery.


Another "Circle of happiness" is complete!


"Share the happiness" is a personal charity project. 20% of each photo shooting are going towards sponsoring a heart surgery with Heart to Heart.

For more information, please click HERE

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Smiles of Happiness in Anhui Province In March I had again the wonderful opportunity to join Heart to Heart of a fieldtrip. This time to Shanghais neighboring province Anhui. Over a period of 4 days we visited four local schools where we donated books for their libraries.  And we to see the homes of nine children who had received a life saving heart surgery in Shanghai some months ago.

My little contribution was again to take portraits of the families and have them sent back in prints to their home. 
















The families in Anhui  live a very poor and basic life. Their "lifestyle" is a million miles away from what we know in Shanghai and around. Most are farmers and are usually ok to survive - but life is really reduced to  surviving. And as soon as a family member falls sick the family starts to struggle with the cost they are facing to receive treatment.  



This is why the surgeries are not just a medical blessing. Once the children are ok many of the financial worries go away, too 

The visits to the families are an additional blessing where a team of around 20 people deliver donations of clothes, toys, household items directly into their homes. 



At the end of a visit, each family receives also a "hong bao" with money additionally donated by everyone who joined the trip.  The money helps the families to pay for school fees, buy food or enables them to pay off some of their debts which they needed to take in order support their sick child.


Thank you Jovelyn, Michael and Leah

as well as

Sabina, Stefan, Sofie and Lena

for sharing your happy memories with me.

Your 20% contribution from your photoshooting went direct into these hong baos!


Another "Circle of Happiness" is complete!



Would you like to see more from the field trip? Just click on this slide show and you will get to the documentary

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Shèngdàn kuàilè * Merry Christmas * Frohe Weihnachten! With some very special smiles I´m closing the blog post for 2015. They are a collection of moments of elders in China and Vietnam  which I happened to meet trough out this year. I could not be more grateful for these beautiful smiles they shared with me and I hope they bring a smile on your face, too.

Wherever you are and whether Christmas is part of your culture or not -  May this season be one of peace, joy, health and happiness for you

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year




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Another healed heart - Li Jinhang Another story of heart - another child saved!

Every year I look  forward to Christmas. And honestly - who is not? Especially when you live in Shanghai as it usually means that  there is either an exciting holiday waiting or we are about to enter a plane back home to our loved ones. But as we are packing our big suitcases and get our the presents together we intend to forget that there are many out there who are not as lucky.


The story of little Li Jinhang is one to remind us of that:




When Li Jinhang was 6 months old, he caught a cold and had an inflammed lung. The doctor suggested he have an ultrasound exam and then he was diagnosed with ASD.

There are 6 members in the family.

His grandmother is 80 years old and has heart disease. His mother stays home to take care of the 3 kids (12 and 3 year old sisters) and the grandmother. She has no income.


The family has 5 mu farm land to grow wheat and corn. The father works the farm and when the farm isn't too busy he works in the local mini factory as a manual laborer. None of the 3 children are healthy. The elder sister has epilepsy and the younger sister always has colds and the flu. The family is now in debt 50,000 rmb.

information provided by H2H


This is a sad story indeed - would it not have been for "Heart to Heart" who helped Li Jinhang receiving a life saving  heart surgery this September in Shanghai.  When he arrived at Yodak hosptial his condition  turned out to be so serious that it required for him to undergo open heart surgery.

As partial sponsor of the operation, H2H had organized for me to visit the boy in hospital after the operation. But fortunately his recovery went much faster than expected. And before I was able to adjust my time schedule he was released from hospital to go home with his mother.


I couldn´t have been  happier for him!


I want to say THANK YOU!

to those wonderful people who helped making this happen by  sharing their moments of joy with me,

let me live my passion for photography and together we could help saving another childs life!

Another "circle of happiness" is completed





Wherever you are in this world meanwhile - I hope you get to enjoy you the most wonderful holiday season!

My best wishes and good health to you all for the coming year!


With love from Shanghai



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Between old and new Shanghai - the memories of Kerstin und Markus On this rainy november day I take the opportunity to share a "sunshine" story with you. It is the "Shanghai Memories" of Kerstin and Markus. The couple had been living in Shanghai for many years and asked me to join them with my camera for a walk through old town in Puxi as well as modern Pudong. There are probably few cities where contrasts coexist so close to each other. For Markus and Kerstin this is what makes Shanghai so unique.  And this set the theme for the shooting.

A journey from past to present of Shanghai, starting in a traditional wet market in Laoximen



mmhh.. there is nothing like Jaozi in Shanghai!


Next stop: Dongtai Aniques market which short after the shooting was ripped down to make room for "New Shanghai"


 Time to cross over to Shanghai´s future.. to Pudong...

Thank you, Kerstin and Markus!


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Heartwarming smiles in Jiangsu Province - Part I In September I had the wonderful opportunity to join "Heart to Heart" on a fieldtrip to the province Jiangsu. By bus we drove over 6 hours north of Shanghai to visit families of children who had heart surgery. The journey lasted over 4 days where we paid visits to 9 children at home as well as visiting rual schools in order to  donate books for their libraries. 

It was a mind opening experience for me. Yet a province next to modern Shanghai  the families we visited live a very basic life out in the country side. Most of them live of the fruit and vegetables they are farming and selling. Some were living on as little income sometimes as 1800 Rmb per YEAR - for a family!!

Not much money in the first place to live on when everything is going well. But on top of that in many cases, besides the child suffering from heart faliure, the families had to cope with additional illnesses of other family members. In some cases family members could not be saved and had even passed away.

It would have been such a terrible story wouldnt "Heart to Heart"  have helped fund raising for a life needing heart surgery of their children. The once we visited had undergone the operation within the past year and recovered well. Without the worry of expansive medical treatment most families were now stable enough to support themselves with the little income they had.

On this fieldtrip I didn´t just want to bring my camera along for my own sake -  I wanted to bring a little light into their life  offered each family to take their portraits which, once back in Shanghai I had printed and sent back out to them.


The smiles I got where the most honest and heart warming ones.  Some of them I want to share with you today in this post. It´s part ONE of a two part series of my trip to Jiangsu:


Apart from taking photographs this trip was also a wonderful opportunity for my "Share the happiness project". Each family we visited received a hong bao with cash which was sponsored out of two very sweet family shootings:


Thank you for sharing your happiness with me and bring of your luck to those children!




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Shadowmen - when night falls in old Shanghai When night falls over Shanghai the hustle and bustle on the streets disappears and deep down in old Shanghai the shadows fall over the lanes and  houses. Many times I have driven past at night and  wondered about what it´s like wondering around the area in Laoximen in the evening. A few weeks ago, during one of the last warm days,  me and my photographer friend Michelle finally go the chance and ventured out for a Shanghai night photosafari.

Where there is darkness you can always find light. And it is amazing how much light there still is in the city even at night. As a matter of fact it never get´s really dark in Shanghai.I loved exploring the alleys and lanes which during the day I´m so familiar with. It felt like I was diving into a different world. 

This is my little story of shadows, colours, every "night" life and the locals of Laoximen:






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Yara A couple of weeks ago, Yara approached me in need for professional business portraits. With a degree in marketing she was keen to give the portraits a creative touch and wondered if we could do it outdoor in the art complex of Moganshan Lu. I loved the idea of using M50 as location as it provides for a great mix of different back drops and allowed me to create studio like images with available light. 

.. and besides that it we had huge fun spending a couple of hours together!



]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Angelika Lincoln Photography Portraits Mon, 21 Sep 2015 05:27:27 GMT
Ice cream, Mommy?!! We have a little daughter. Her Name is Hannah  and she L O V E S ice cream. She loves it so much that she is singing "Happy Birthday Ice cream" when she has no one else to sing it to.

Today when I got back from a photoshoot I was welcomed with a sweet sing sang: "Mommy, I want Ice cream - PLEEEAAASEEE??!!". As I had not seen her most of the day I could not help but turn around straight away with the camera still on my shoulders.

I was happy to get the chance to take some shots of Hannah, who often does not want to be photoraphed. What miracles icecream can do! ;-)



]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Memories Shanghai Fri, 04 Sep 2015 14:04:20 GMT
"Blickwinkel" - jewel in my home town During my summer vacation in Germany I got the opportunity to portrait"Blickwinkel" a jewelry store back in my home town, Karlstadt.

Achim and Barbara, the founders,  have been long term friends of mine and started up 10 years ago. When I visited they were just about to celebrate anniversary and had moved into their new store.

Over months they had been restoring a historic building right int he heart of the old town into a true jewel.  When I got to see their new shop I  was absolutely overwhelmed by the change the house had undergone.

With it´s warm and spacious atmosphere it made me feel welcome right from the start. I noticed so much thought and attention to detail totally reflecting the spirit of "Blickwinkel".

I could feel it tickling in my fingers - there was a story to tell - I HAD to get my camera out!


"Herzlich Wilkommen" im Blickwinkel:


Happy 10 year anniversary!!!


Now, you feel curious? Please visit Blickwinkel online - they do have an online store ;-)


Want to see more? Just click on this link and you get to see the whole photo story:



]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Mon, 31 Aug 2015 04:57:41 GMT
Family portraits in the city jungle Back in town for summer I  quickly want to share with you some beautiful family portraits which I took in May in Century Park..would you believe we are in a concrete city? ..




]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Family Portraits Shanghai Tue, 21 Jul 2015 13:07:00 GMT
Lenel and Riandri ...mother, daughter and best friends "This was the best way to capture and end off my daughters and my life experiences together in Shanghai.  Good memories to take with. A fun day to remember!!"

...this beautiful feedback belongs to the story of Lenel and her daughter Riandri. After nearly 10 years living in Shanghai the time had come for Riandri return to South Africa. A major change to family life which mother and daughter decided to celebrate in a last big day out in the city.
They both share a passion for tea,  chinese food and shopping, shopping and - more shopping. Before I knew it I found myself in a fun odysee across Shanghai in search for scarfs, pearls, jiaozi and good wine.
This is a beautiful example for an all day  "Shanghai Life" photoshoot and I´m very pleased that I can share some of the highlights with you.

We started the day with a cup of coffee and a tea celebration in their lovley home 





Lenel and Riandri used to love to go Qibao Water town.. and this is where we went next:


Of coarse if you are a real Shopaholic in Shanghai you must not miss going to Pearl City:


 Lenel and Riandri introduced me to "Dong taifung" one of their favorite restaurants.

I must admit it is truly amazing food!!


Quick stop at Yue Garden:


..Before we took our final shots down at the Bund


Dear Lenel and Riandri,

thank you so much for such a fun day out with you and for sharing your memories with me.

Wishing Riandri all the best of luck for her start back in Southafrica!!!.





]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Expat Family Memories Shanghai Thu, 28 May 2015 02:19:14 GMT
Share the happiness - this time with Zhang Ruiting  

A couple of months ago I was pleased to be able to hand over another partial donation of 2000RMB to Heart to Heart as part of my charity project "Share the happiness".



In April I was informed that enough sponsors had contributed (it takes 25.0000RMB in total for one surgery) to allow  little Zhang Ruitang and her mother to travel to Shanghai for a lif saving heart surgery. The girl was born 9 months ago  in a small village in Henan province. She had suffered from a serious heart defect from birth on and finally was able to get help in Yodak Hospital in Shanghai.


This is her little story:




After birth Zhang Ruitang cried differently than other children so the doctors gave her an ultrasound and the result showed that she had CHD.

The child was too small and doctors there said she could wait for a surgery. Recently, she had a check up inShanghai and her condition is getting serious. She got a serious infection and has been in the hospital a lot.

The family wants her to have surgery now, but they already10,000rmb in debt. There are three people in the family. Her father works in a construction site and earns less than 2000rmb a month and he hasn’t been paid since last year.

Her mother stays at home with Zhang Ruitang.


(information provided by H2H)

I´m very happy to share with you today that this so far sad story had a happy ending. After a sucessfull open heart surgery  Zhang Ruitang recovered well and was able to go back home a couple of days ago.




Unfortunately this time I was not able to visit my sponsored child as flu had me struck down. Nevertheless it was dear to my heart  that a the family received a collage with the smiles of the shootings which contributed to this donation. These small gestures become special memories for those families.


Lenel from Heart to Heart was so kind to take some pictures for us. She told me that Zang Ruitang had just been for another check up when she went to see her. This which explains why she does not look too happy here. I know what it´s like - my two year old gets scared every time she sees a doctor, too!

Thanks to everyone who let me capture their memories and making this little wonder happen!!

If you would like to find out more about this charity project, please clikck on the collage






]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Happiness Share the Fri, 24 Apr 2015 07:00:54 GMT
Miriam and Jochen - this time with little Hannes This blogpost is a beautiful sequel shooting to "Miriam and Jochen - loving EXPATations" from November 2013.

(click on the image and you will get to the post from this very special pregnancy shooting).


Only a couple of weeks after we had taken the photos  Miriam and Jochen became parents to a sweet little Hannes.


End of 2014 the time had come for the little family to say good bye to Shanghai. They contacted me with the request for another Expat Memory photoshoot but this time to capture the memories for Hannes.

Miriam, Jochen and Hannes  used to live in Pudong and used to love to go for walks along the riverside. Naturally this was where we the story had to begin:







After Pudong Miriam and Jochen suggested to head over to Hongkou district where they used to  take their visitors to get a feel of old Shanghai. 


As it quite often happens -  we met some wonderful and friendly locals along our way:


All this action is very tiering..time for a "baozi" lunch break


Last not least it was time to look at the high rises from the other side. So we headed over to the Bund



The same spot where we already took pictures just before Hannes was born…just this time the tower is finished ;-)

It felt like a beautiful circle closing.

And could there be a better place than the Bund to reflect one more  the time of your life in China?

I got my little treasure box out with questions about their life in Shanghai and it was heartwarming to see Miriam and Jochen remembering whilst interviewing each other. I made sure that all also these memories and laughs will not be forgotten by recording them in a "Reflections" Video.



...and after that it was definitely time for a good nap!


Dear Miriam, Jochen and little Hannes!

Thank you so much for being my friends in Shanghai!

Thank you also for spreading the word that I´m around with my "Expat Memory Shootings"!!

I enjoyed every minute with (and without) my camera with you.

I wish you a wonderful start back in Germany and look forward to capturing your memories again one day on the other side ;-)

Grüssli;-) !!

]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Expat Family Memories Shanghai Thu, 16 Apr 2015 12:55:30 GMT
Spring Celebrations - get 10% off!

Winter seems to have taken forever this year. But - finally !-  spring has made it and we can enjoy the city blossoming in fresh green. The best season to be in Shanghai is here -the best time to enjoy an outdoor photoshoot.

Last year my "Expat Memory" photostories have become increasingly popular amongst the Expat community. They are editorial style portaits and documentaries capturing our every day life in Shanghai. Each one is unique and created with a lot of love and attention to detail

It´s the perfect souvenir of your time in Shanghai and has also become a popular brithday- or farewell present.

Shanghai´s spring  is short but still worth celebrating with a 10% discount off ALL photoshooting packages as long as you BOOK your spring shooting by April 15th. There are still some weekend slots available until the end of May. Make sure you secure one!


Meanwhile you might want to get inspired by some stories that have already been captured.



Don´t forget to pack YOUR memories!




]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Promotion Tue, 31 Mar 2015 02:08:21 GMT
Certified Professional Photographer! The start of the relation ship with my camera goes back way into the last century. Without wanting to sound ancient, but I did actually still stand in a dark room printing photos myself.  The moment when an image appears on a white piece of paper right in front of me is still somewhat magical to me. 


Heavy hearted at first I eventually made the switch to digital photography some years ago. Soon I got to appreciate the new technology, learnt fast how to work with it but I still kind of handled it with an analog approach.


I knew that if I wanted to establish myself as professional I had bring my skills to the next level. Last year I signed up at the German "Fotografie Insitute" (Photography Institute) for an online training program in professional photography.


Over the last twelve months I got the chance not only to brush up my old skills but also to learn from an international professional, George Seper who has been working in food, fashion and travel photography for decades. Wim Woeber, a german professional people photographer supported me in this time as my immediate tutor.


After having gained professional titles "mommy" and "product line manager" in my life I´m extremely proud that after all these years I can finally add the title  "CERTIFIED PHOTOGRAPHER" to my list!!


Below I´m sharing some of my work from this course.












]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2015 13:25:23 GMT
Smiles from heart for Chinese New Year Since I moved to Shanghai 4 years ago it´s been on my mind to make some local, but poor people happy with my photographs. This year I finally found the right opportunity to do it! With the help of "Heart to Heart" I got the chance to take family portraits for children and families who had just undergone heart surgery and were on their way to recover. 


Despite all drama they had only recently gone through, and the fact that some of them may never have been in front of a camera, the families  were giving me the most heart warming smiles. 


These weak, little hearts carry an  energy  and love within them which I find overwhelming. It is opening my very own heart every time I get to go to Yodak Hospital. 


For Chinese New year I want to share some of these wonderful smiles with you. And when you look over them, you may want to make a wish that all of these families will be able to look forward to a healthy and good year of the sheep!

Xin nian kuaile!!










My special thanks go to DJ and  Lenel from Heart to Heart as well as , Shawn and Nancy from Yodac Cardio Thoracic hospital who helped arranging the shooting, and making it a fun experience for the families. They also make sure that the pictures will be sent to those families who could already leave home before I was able to deliver the photos. 

Big THANK YOU also to Rossi from C14 who sponsored the prints for free!!

For more information on the organisation and my charity acitvities please visit my Charitysite:



]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Happiness Heart Shanghai to Tue, 17 Feb 2015 06:43:12 GMT
New year, new stories - Lene! Back in Shanghai I´m very excited to share my first story in 2015 with you. It is the highlights of a beautiful Expat Memory photoshooting,  captured during an afternoon stroll with little Lene and her parents Maike and Mathias.

The theme was to capture "REAL" China. And there is no better place to find that than in old Shanghai. Once out of her push chair there was no holding for our little explorer who naturally guided us through the shooting and found the best places and people to take photos with.



Whenever I can I make the effort to go back to the places we took pictures and bring prints to the families and children. The families of these children did all receive a copy of this photo. 




Dear Maike, Mathias and little Lene,

thank you for sharing your memories with me.

I wish you all the best of luck and happiness for your start back in Germany!!


]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Expat Family Memories Shanghai Thu, 29 Jan 2015 06:32:43 GMT
"Share the Happiness" ..especially on Christmas!


"Share the Happiness" is a charity project of mine which finally came to life a few months ago. It is my personal commitment to do something good with my work. My decision to donate 20% of each photoshoot in Shanghai to the charity "Heart to Heart". H2H is a Shanghai based organization run by amazing volunteers who help to raise money for poor children in need for life saving heart operations


The idea of giving something back has been stuck with me ever since I decided to dedicate my professional life to photography. It´s like a "Thank you" to life. You are warmly invited to visit my "Charity Page" to find out more about the initiative behind.


It felt like an early Christmas when I  first got the chance to hand over my first donation -  meet the child and family in person a few weeks later.

The little boys name  was YiHao. He was 10 months old at the time, and it is dear to my heart to share his and his family story with you. 


Zhang Yihao was born in Shen Qiu Children's Hospital and was diagnosed with CHD at birth. 

There are six people in his family - his parents and 3 sisters (ages 3, 6, and 12). Forschooling, his sisters need at least 5,000rmb a year. His mother stays at home lookingafter the children and cannot work.

His father is a cementer and earns about 9,000 RMB a year (when there is work). Thus, they are having a difficult time raising the moneyafter their necessary expenses.

They have borrowed money from all of their relatives and friends and the father is doing additional part time at night to support the family while the boy stays in the hospital.

(Information provided by H2H)



Meeting Yihao and his parents was the most heart warming experience for me. I met the family after their little boy had been released from intensive care and was well on the way to recovery.  I had expected parents full of sorrow and fear. But what I found instead was a relieved mother and father and a very sweet and healthy looking Yihao who was not even afraid of me!



The volunteers from H2H helped me communicating with the parents. As for Yihao there were no words required. "Let pictures speak" instead. It is the universal language we all understand. It can build bridges when language becomes a barrier. 


With my work I want help build these bridges. Therefore the young family received also a collage to take home with them.  It shows Yihao in the center surrounded by people who´s photoshoots went towards his donation.



It is a wonderful feeling to know that the happy memories of my clients bring now some light to a family somewhere in Henan province. 

I want to thank all of you who helped making this happen and hope for many more opportunities to "Share the happiness" in the coming year!



Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas

and a happy and healthy new year!


I wil be back to tell more stories in January



]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Happiness Share the Tue, 23 Dec 2014 14:30:30 GMT
Emma. A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Emma who had been given an "Expat Memory" shooting as present for her 18th birthday. Soon her time in Shanghai will come to an end and she will be moving on to study. It was a beautiful idea from her parents to capture Emma´s favorite spots once more before it is time to say good bye.


Emma really likes the area around Yue Garden.. and this is where we started our shooting:


One of the food street vendors was very keen on selling us Octopus on sticks..

together we were brave enough to try them out and must admit: They were much better than expected!


After our little private tour it was time for us to meet with Emma´s friends at the Bund 

Can you imagine the attention these pretty, young ladies got from the crowds? 

This is what it looked like behind the scenes:



But the girls took it with great humour:


At the end I could not help but involving two of the most insisting "paparazzi. 

After all they were part of the story


Dear Emma,

thank you for a fun afternoon with you and for making me try something new!

I wish you all the best - wherever life will take you next!



]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Expat Memories Shanghai Fri, 28 Nov 2014 12:56:19 GMT
With "Berningers" on Gourmet and Shopping Safari At their farewall Party, Simone, Alwin, Lewin and Tim were suprised with a voucher for a Shanghai Expat Memories Photoshoot. Handed over from their friends on Saturday night I got to meet them only a few hours later on Sunday for the first time. Over a Cup of coffe the lovley family told me about their time here in the city and it quickly came out that amongst many, one of their favorite places was was Anfu Lu.

In need for some food to gain strenght after a good Party we began our day in the families favorite bakery.

What we didn´t know was that this tour should very soon turn into a (gourmet) Shopping Safari, where each member of the family got to buy once more their favorite thing: Baguette for Alwin, Cup cakes´and DVD´s  for the Boys, veggies and porcelain dishes for Simone ("Always wanted to buy one of these!")


It was a real fun theme to have to capture with my camera..



After we had spent a good 1,5 hours in the former French Concession, where we had stopped also in a bike shop (Alwin) and Pappa Johns Pizza (Lewin) we moved on towards the river to the area round Dongtai Antique market, taking in Shanghai life like Simone used to enjoy it during many of her walks.... 




Our final stop was in the cool docks on a roof top bar, which we happened to have entirely to ourselves.

Here we got the chance to unpack all goodies and to look back once more at their time in Shanghai which was soon to come to an end.



Thank you Simone, Alwin, Lewin an Tim for sharing your special places with me.

It´s been a real fun afteroon with you!!

I wish you all the Best for your new life back home in Germany!






]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Expat Family Memories Shanghai Mon, 27 Oct 2014 13:52:08 GMT
"Au revoir" Shanghai! After nearly 3 years in Shanghai the time had come for Mira, her husband Alex and little Maximillien to leave China. One sunny afternoon I go the wonderful opportunity to capture them in the streets and surroundings close to their home in the FFC. We started right in front of the doorstep: 


 "Au revoir" said Max to his  bear "Nunu"...

..and "Ni Hao" neighbours...


Shanghai Expat Memories




As we walked along we met this very old couple sitting in front of their house. The man started kindly talking to us in some English and was very proud to tell us that him and his wife were over 90 years old. They have been married for 70 years!

And than he even went away to get some old photographs of himself to share with us!


After this nice adventure it was time to catch the last of the evening sun on the Bund.


where another surprise was - rather unexpected - waiting for Max: a MEGAsized friend of NUNU!


Dear Mira, Alex and little Max:

Thank you so much for letting me take your photos and for sharing your time in Shanghai with me.

Thank you also  for your generous contribution for my Project with "Heart to Heart"

You are truelly missed!




]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Tue, 16 Sep 2014 14:04:44 GMT
Lena and Daniel...loving "Expat Memories"  

Back from Holiday we are starting this blog with a beautiful  example of an "Expat Memory Photo story", taken back in spring time. The memories of Lena and Daniel who received from their friends a shooting as leaving present when it was time for them to return to Germany for good.


The couple had been living in Shanghai for a while and therefore it was important to them not only to take pictures in the city, but also to remember their apartment which had been their home for some years.


Having lived in the former French Concession it was natural that most of the photoshoot would take place in the area nearby.





What gives these shootings their heart and soul are pictures of streetlife we get to see on our tour:


wherever possible we try to get involved and become part of it:


After nearly 2 hours it was time for a break at their favorite cafe in Yongkang Lu


Well refreshed we jumped into a taxi ....


to the "Grand finale" at the Bund:


By the time we finished the Shooting their last Sunday in Shanghai had come to an end and the afternon sun was shining on the Skyline as to say "bye bye" and "Zaijane"

Lena and Daniel I wish you all the BEST for your future - wherever it will take you!


..and I was pleased to hear that they were just as happy as I was when driving home afterwards:


"´s been a great day with Angelika in our chinese home..."

"..the pictures show us as we are and reflect our emotions.."

" unforgettable end to our  time in Shanghai"







]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Expat Memories Shanghai Tue, 02 Sep 2014 05:53:49 GMT
Jenny, Vincent, Mila and Vadim - What´s new in Wulumuqi Lu?  

This post is about Jenny and Vincent and their children Vadim and Mila. Eight years ago Jenny and Vincent arrived in Shanghai by themselves. This spring they were about to return back to Berlin - as family. 

Eight years is a pretty long time to stay in Shanghai and Jenny told me that they had already boxes full of photos form their time here. But they never really had any time to sort the pictures out. Besides that she had no photographs of the four of them together. The idea came up to capture their family life  in Shanghai with an "Expat Memory" photo story.

The "theme" of the shooting was the walk home from Kindergarten and to capture all favorite stops on the way. I wanted to make sure that we capture Shanghai also from the children's perspective to allow that Shanghai will stay a memory in their life. 

It was my first photoshoot out and about the streets with two little children and it turned out to be heaps of fun with Vadim and Mila always on the run after something they saw or wanted. That combined with the hustle and bustle of the area around Wulumuqi Lu  created a very real and alive and photo story. 

This post is showing you some of the highlights from this afternoon. But I highly recommend you to visit the whole gallery to get the real feel of the their and Shanghai life. You can enter it through the slideshow at the bottom.

But enough talking, let´s go for a walk!


Here are Jenny, Vincent, Vadim and Mila - and of coarse the ayi joined, too!





Dear Jenny, Vincent, Vadim and Mila,

I wish all of you the best of luck and a good start back home in Germany.

Thank you for sharing your story with me!!



]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Expat Memories Shanghai Tue, 27 May 2014 07:24:12 GMT
Shanghai Classics.. and little Elle right in the middle of it! This post is about a real fun family photoshoot starring little Elle and her parents Melanie and Simon. They approached me in December with the request to have some family portraits taken, but the pictures should also show  Shanghai Life. A selection were to be used in a calendar which they were giving as Christmas present to their family back home. 

Because it was still winter and Elle at that time only a few months old we were kind of limited with time. We therefore chose to stay in the area around Fuxing park, starting with one of my favorite locations, a Chinese living community on Fuxing Lu.

Melanie, Simon and Elle are a really sweet family and it was loads of fun to take their photographs. Like with many shootings, the story developed spontaneous as we were going along. It seemed like we were particularly lucky on that day to catch some classic Shanghai scenes:









We found this beautiful staircase in one of the houses and met a couple of locals in their pyjamas, too...








This bike just happened to be parked there!



And as we went along we met this old lady sitting on her door step.

She was chatting away to us in anything BUT Mandarin



We then moved on to watch the locals playing mahjong in Fuxing Park


.. and Melanie and Elle joined the afternoon ballroom dancing club for a song 




Thank you! Melanie, Elle and Simon for a fun time with you and for sharing your happiness by supporting

Plan International with a charity project at the Philippines!



]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Expat Memories Shanghai Tue, 06 May 2014 12:08:03 GMT
Simone Today I´m pleased to share with you recent portraits taken of novelist Simone Hausladen. Simone has been living and writing in Shanghai for some years and she is just about to release her first book in Germany. It is called "Backe Backe Ehemann" 

I was very happy to receive the request for taking her photographs to be used in her new web page and future media releases and I want to wish her all the Best and Good luck for her career as writer!..








With this photoshoot we could again support four! charity projects of Plan International

Thank you, Simone!!!! 

]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Portraits Shanghai Thu, 03 Apr 2014 07:36:00 GMT
Judith and Atilla - All over Shanghai Last summer I got the opportunity to follow my friends Judith and Atilla for a whole day with my camera.  The lovely couple was not only just about to return back to Germany for good, they were also about to get married! A good enough reason to document their last "Wild life moments" in Shanghai.

The weather was perfect and we had an exciting day ahead. After a quick morning coffee in the FFC we jumped right in a taxi to bring us in the heart of old town.




One of the best things about taking pictures in Shanghai are the local people you get to meet


because not seldom they are just as excited as we are to join the photoshoot


Or this happy lady! Till today we don´t know what she was trying to tell us. She spoke Shanghainese.

But that much was clear: She had a lot of fun posing and chatting to us!




After almost a couple of hours full of fun in this road we headed down to the Bund




Almost  6 hours later we finished our shooting at Pudong side  where they had been living 



Dear Judith and Atilla.

My Shanghai is not the same without you. You are truly missed.

Thank you for sharing and  letting me capture your moments in Shanghai!!

I wish you ALL THE BEST - wherever life will take you next ;-)






]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Expat Memories Shanghai Thu, 20 Mar 2014 12:42:16 GMT
Little Emma´s memories of Shanghai Just before year end I had the opportunity to take pictures for little Emma and her Mum and Dad  who had been living in Shanghai for three years and were soon about to return home. Emma was born in Shanghai.

A good reason for Andrea and Daniel to capture their babies "Chinese roots" to remember their time in the Middle kingdom.


Our day started sunny and right in from of the Pudong Skyline:


As you can imagine such sweet little girl with blond hair and blue eyes very soon attracted the crowds...


so this is what it looked like "behind the scenes"..


but nothing to worry about.. everyone was very friendly and Emma only wondered what all the fuzz was all about...

There is nothing like a ride on daddy´s shoulders.. and who knows.. maybe in 20 years time Emma will look at the skyline and say: I was born when they built THAT tower!


From the modern site of the city we turned around and strolled across to old town:



A day out and about is making you hungry.. time for some dumplings in Yu Garden:


and one more cuddle with mommy before going home...

Wherever live will take you and your parents, little Emma -  I wish you all the best and love in this world!!!


With this shooting we go the chance to support another charity project of  Plan International.

Andrea, Daniel and Emma decided to donate towards  philippino families in need after the taifun



]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Expat Family Memories Shanghai Thu, 27 Feb 2014 05:59:10 GMT
Sweet EXPATations.. and one minute of fame!  

A little while ago I had the chance to go on a photo safari with Jochen and Miriam to capture their "Memories of Shanghai". It was a very special day for all of us because we combined the scenes of Shanghai with a pregnancy shooting. 


We started the day  at the breezy FLAIR ROOFTOP BAR in the Ritz Carlton which is one of their favorite venues in the city. First we arrived  at reception we were told that it was too early and  the bar was not open, yet. But they understood how important these pictures were to the expecting couple and gave us special permission to go up to take photos.


For half an hour had the whole bar to ourselves!.. what a feeling, and what a view!!!!







Our second stop was the slightly busier Bund….






This time the Bund held a special surprise for me. CCTV discovered us whilst shooting and decided to select Miram and Jochen for their Interview about Airpollution in China- the index was at 60 that day.. clever idea;-)


To our surprise the entire interview was broadcasted the same day in the 8 o´clock evening news!!! Our one minute of fame!!.CCTV was so kind to send us the link. If you want check it out! It starts at 19 Minutes.. Even if you can only spy me from behind, it gives you a nice look "behind the scenes" and us all in action:



After this much excitement we continued  taking photos and moved on to a very nice  Shikumen residence in the Former French Concession:





All in all we had a big fun and exciting day in Shanghai. 

Good that we didn´t wait longer with the pictures! Only two weeks later, little Hannes was born!!


THANKS Miram and Jochen, for sharing this day with me and giving me the chance to capture your moments!


If you want to see more pictures from this day, please click on the slide show below:

Last not least an important final note: 

With this shooting we were able to support a project from Plan International, which is a global organization looking after the needs for children all over the world! For many years I have supported them through Germany.  

With these photos we were able to donate enough money to buy two medical sets for doctors in Urganda. 


]]> (Angelika Lincoln Photography) Expat Memories Prenancy Shanghai Wed, 19 Feb 2014 07:34:55 GMT
Five little friends on holiday... A couple of weeks ago we felt the need to escape the hustle and bustle of Shanghai and went with four befriended families to the bamboo forest of Moganshan. Besides nappies, babyfood, toys and wet wipes I packed also my camera and was able to take a few shots of the little ones.


May I introduce to you: Liam, Hannah, Lene, Emma and Sophia:




I don´t know what it is with babies and dummies of other ones. The next picture would be one where Hannah has actually managed to steal Liam´s dummy and he is rightfully not very happy.. But I think it might be a bit unfair to Liam to show it here ;-)


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A perfect Moment After a very long break in this blog and some beautiful 10  months of motherhood I´m finally getting the chance - and time again - to share some special moments with you.

Since Hannah´s arrival life has been so amazingly different and full of wonders. I also learnt that taking good pictures of your own child can be amazingly challenging (when simultaneously  trying to makes sure she is not falling off something or chewing away on the wrong things..)..

But here is a personal shot I want to share with you.  It´s one moment in time between Hannah and her daddy this summer. Every time I look at it, it opens my heart.  Father and daughter, lost in time, in love forever...I could not be more grateful that I can share my life with both of them.


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Summer will come again!  

Nevermind if in Shanghai or back in Europe. It seems like that Spring, let alone Summer is still a million miles away. To remind you what summer are actually like I´m  to posting some sunshine pictures from last year for you. Don´t give up! Summer will come again!!.





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A family Christmas A couple of weeks before Christmas I got the opportunity to capture some family life at my friend, Suzenne´s, home. I had not been to see them for a long time and at first  could not believe how much Florence, Tjallin and little Vicky had grown up since the last time we had met....






With Santa standing more or less already in front of the door we also played a "Santa"-photoshoot. It was a real fun event where we let the kids go crazy in bed with their little Santa hats.. The slide show below  will tell you the story ....and you may start to remember how exciting it used to be to look forward to Christmas when you were little... :-)...


I´m wishing wonderful Season and a good Start in the new Year!!

Merry Christmas

Frohe Weihnachten


Shengdan Kuaile!

















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In loving memories... It was a beautiful late September day in 2007. The sun was shining from a  bright blue sky, turing the colour of the leaves golden. The smell of autumn and harvested grapes was already up in the air. You, me, my sister, Paul and my mum had just cycled to wineyard located in the beautiful countryside of my home town in Germany. It was one of these places I loved going to ever since my childhood. I took my camera with me to capture this lovley autum day which reflected all the earthy colours you so much liked.

September was your birthday month when took this photograph of you. One of my very first digital portrait pictures ever. It may just seem like a  snapshot. But to me it is a glimpse of a moment in your life time. A moment of happiness, a moment of peace, a moment where you let me look into your soul. Time is standing still.  A perfect moment. You.

I knew that one day the day would come where this moment would be the one for me to remember you as you were. Today the day has come. You have left this world and all autumn colours behind to move on into the light. Back into the light that has been within you all your life.

I could not be more grateful for you having known you. To learn from you, to keep some wonderful memories of you. You have always believed in what I do and encouraged me to go my way.

A beautiful growing new life inside me is the reason why we can not be there today and say good bye to you with the rest of my family. But I know you will always be close to us now wherever we are in this world. And we will carry the light for you in our hearts for as long as we shall live. May anyone who reads this post send you some light on your journey.

With loving memories to my grandmother -  meine Oma Elli






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Snapnapshots of Old Shanghai Early September our friend Zack visited us from Australia.  One of my favorite excursions with visitors coming to  Shanghai is a trip into the old town, the Luwan District. Here you can still find the beating heart of real China. People live in old wooden lane houses and most of their daily life happens out on the street. Everytime I wonder through there I´m fascinated by this place which seems to stand out like it´s own little universe in this mega metropolis.

Unfortunately this "universe"  is struggling to survive  in the modern light of NEW Shanghai. Every day whole lanes are istructed to be pulled down in order to make room for new fancy shopping malls or compounds. With the speed construction is going on it´s only a matter of time until this part of Shanghai will be history.

So every time I go there I make sure to take my camera with me to capture as much of this life as I can whilst it is still there..  Today I  invite you to come with me for a stroll during a  hot afternoon in September through this amazing part of the city:

Please CLICK HERE to get to the Gallery


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Ines and Manu - Just married! Back in Germany this summer I was invited to our friends wedding: Ines and Manu. Not was I asked to join only as a guest but also had the honour to act as their wedding photographer. Since living in Shanghai my last wedding goes back some time. So I was really excited. I love photographing weddings. They are days filled with surprises and an eldorado for emotions.

This event was not going to be an exception. If you happen to know the bride and groom than you know also they are both real fun people. And this is what their wedding day was all about. 

They were ever so relaxed in the morning of their big day, despite the fact that a thunderstorm had just the night before ruined their lovley outdoor decorations. But with the help of friends and family in the early mornings they still managed to finish decorating just in time to squeeze in a fun photoshoot before it was time to walk down the isle.



Starring this day were not only Manu and Ines but also their lovley daughter Anna who made a clear point during the ceremony that she much prefered listening to the music than to the registrar. Naturally she became part of the whole event.

There is a little background story to this picture. It was also a very special moment for me: Seeing little Anna sealing her parents promise I could not help but starting to think about my own life and before I knew it my pregancy hormones kicked in. When the singer started I found myself taken over by emotions, shedding big happy tears. Much to the amusement of everyone else I was facing...truely emberassing... so I ended up hiding under the table for a few minutes thankfully accepting tissues from Ines and trying to concentrate on my camera.. :-)!!


After the ceremony it was time to celebrate the newly wed Mrs. and Mrs. Weigand day at the hunters cottage in "Laudenbach" - and we didn´t stop until the early hours the next morning.

What else shall I was an anwesome day, but let pictures speak!

Please  CLICK HERE to get to the complete gallery

..and if you want to know what song can make a pregnant woman cry :-)

Click here


Thanks Ines and Manu for sharing this wonderful day with us!!

I wish you all love and laughter in this world for your joint path.


Happy 3 Months Anniversary!!!

Some say love, it is a river
that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor
that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger,
an endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower,
and you it's only seed.

It's the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance.
It's the dream afraid of waking
that never takes the chance.
It's the one who won't be taken,
who cannot seem to give,
and the soul afraid of dyin'
that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been to long,
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong,
just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snow
lies the seed that with the sun's love
in the spring becomes the rose.





























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Sleepy Maximilien  

It´s been a long time since I did my last indoor shooting. That long that I hadn´t even unpacked my studio lights since we arrived in Shanghai. But when I got to meet little Maximilien for the first time I felt this itch  in my fingers and I asked my friend Mira how she would feel about giving it a go. 

By the time we got together little Max already was sweet 5 weeks old. Not quite small enough anymore for the classic new born pictures, but totally cute enough for my lens.

I´m very happy to be able to share with you the sweet sleepy moments of little Maximilien and his parents Mira and Alex:










Congratulations once again to Mira and Alex for bringing this little wonder into the world!



I´m so grateful for this experience. Not only because of the photos. More because I feel like I made new good friends and every time we meet there is something for me to learn now, too :-)...  


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Finally! I can´t believe I made it! "Angelika Lincoln Photography" is born. What seems like a tiny uneventfull step in the world (-wide web)is BIG one for me. I have managed to create a name and a home for all my existing and future photographs. 


Long have I been thinking about how to celebrate this big day in my first blog post. First I thought I kick off with a little photostory about me. But than it struck me as I was just sitting in my Shanghai kitchen having lunch: This path, this story has to start with THE ONE photo.


It is not the first picture I ever took - that goes back some 24 years and is stored on a negative strip containing some strange pictures of me and my friends on a school trip - No it is a picture from the newer times. Out of over 50.000 photographs stored in my digital archiv it is my personal number ONE. I want to tell you - WHY?


It happened nearly 4 years ago whilst travelling through the north of India. During a tour through the dessert of Rajastahn we were introduced to an tribe who lives on a small plot of land near Jodhpur. They make their living by farming and their little huts have no electricity or even running water. This family of about 12 people in three generations has made a concious decision to live this way and to keep traditions of their ancestors.


When we visited  I could not help but wonder that people still - conciously - live this way and the clan eldest with the white turban and the round glasses drew my immediate attention. He could have been 50 or 101 years old - I have no idea, but there was something magical about him.


I was fascinated by his calm apperance and thought a long time about whether I could ask him take his picture. I make a point of asking people politely out of respect and try not to just click away without permission. Eventually I felt brave enough so I pointed at my camera, bowed a little and gave him my warmest smile. The next thing that happened was his face lighting up and giving me this wonderful smile.


This moment/photo to me is perfect. This old men may not be beautiful in our western understanding. But if you look in his eyes and his face you notice there is a glow within and around him. He is living with a minimum on the outside - but seems to live fulfilled with a maximum inside. He is just one of a billion people in this world. But ONE that reminds me every day of that it doesn´t need a lot to be happy and to live a good life. He is also the ONE that inspires me to peruse with photography. I sometimes wish I could go back to him and thank him for a that.


Since then, nevermind who I showed this picture, people took a few seconds to take him in smiled back. I have tried to edit this photograph a couple of times to make it look better. It´s not possible.


This picture, this men is REAL.

It is the moment is someones life who shared it with me for the blink of an eye.

He view is alive, he is NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL

And there could be no better picture than this one to describe what my type of photography is all about.

I´m a photographer by heart.

All I do is see things and capture them as they so that we can remember these moments forever.





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