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Unique in Shanghai: Expat Memories Photostories


Shanghai is a fascinating place. It is enormous, crazy and our every day life as "Lao wai" is so different to living anywhere else in the world.  In this mega metropolis we all have found our little pockets where our life takes place. This is what these photoshoots are all about.


Which are the places that make Shanghai YOUR Shanghai? What are the memories that you don´t want to miss when you have to leave or just want to share with your friends and family back home? There are more than 20 Million people living in this city - which part are YOU playing?


Let me join you for a day of fun out and about in the city as and capture you in your favorite places: For example: At home, your favorite cafe, shopping on the market, the playground or just strolling through the streets downtown.  You may also consider to  include also some "must have" shots for example in old Shanghai or on the Bund. 


You choose the locations and I photograph you in the most natural way. We let things happen, and get inspired by Shanghai life around us. Sometimes the locals even choose to join spontaneously!


With a mix of portraits, documentary style shots of you and some street photography collected during the day I will create a unique photo story of your time in Shanghai to remember for a life time.


Expat Memory Photostories are also agreat way of showing with relatively few pictures and down to the point what your life is all about here. And when it´s time to leave these pictures might be the most memorable souvenir in your suitcase.


Curious? Just take a glimpse at the slidshow below and Sonja will show you what HER Shanghai is all about!..or jump to my Blog to see the most recent ones.




For detailed information feel free to contact me to get an idea of what your very own photostory could look like!

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