Mission: Use my talent and passion as photographer and give something back to those who are not so lucky

Vision: Help saving the life of children in need for heart surgery



The story behind:

Since I was twelve years old, photography has been a passion of mine. As I grew up the wish to dedicate my professional life to photography became stronger with every year. But my career was set to follow a different path and I was too afraid of the risk a change would bring. I could always see that door named "Photographer" in front of me, and there were many who tried to encourage me to open it, but I never did.

Until one day when life took the decision for me and opened it - painfully: I fell sick with a heart valve infection. A serious disease which given worst case scenario can end with a heart attack.  In many cases an artificial heart valve is required to implant. Only much later I found out how lucky I had been given the chance of having had access to good medication and doctors  which allowed me to fully recover from my condition.

In sickness there can be chance.  I started to reflect on my life and promised myself that from now on I would listen to my heart what it had to say and make sure it would never have to become sick again to be heard.  I didn´t change my life  immediately but started to become aware of my passions, talents and signals life had given me in the past. I knew a seed had been laid and I had to trust and look after it with love to help it grow. 

Years later another door appeared. This time I opened it together with my wonderful husband and behind it was amazing Shanghai. At the time it seemed like a crazy adventure to take on. Did we really want to give our save life up? The answer came straight from within: YES! -now is the time to take a turn in your  professional life!

I packed my camera bag and made a promise to myself:  "If I get the chance to establish myself as  photographer in Shanghai I want to start giving some of my luck back to those who are not as fortunate"


The Idea:

The concept of "Share the happiness" was born not long after I got the idea to the "Expat Memories" series. Most of us life  a good life here. By getting the chance to  capture peoples precious moments, I can live my passion and my heart gets nourished with fulfillment. But there are many in this world who are not so lucky. So why not share this positive energy with those in need? Doesn´t shared luck mean double luck?

My work shall be like a "circle of good" where we share and give something to each other.


Which organisation?

I didn´t have to search long until I found the right organization to work with: "Heart to Heart" Shanghai. They are a non profit organization, helping the poorest of children in need for a life saving heart surgery. They are based right inside the Yodac Cardiac Hospital where the help is needed. When I went to visit I was fascinated by the energy and the dynamic of the organization. The volunteers behind are the most heart warming professionals I have ever met.

Looking at my own story the match could not have been better!


The commitment:

20% of each photoshooting will be used as fund raising and go towards a heart surgery. H2H in return is giving me the chance to visit the child once it had undergone the surgery allowing me to share the family´s story with my clients. When this happens the "circle" of happiness is complete.


I trust and have learnt that if you follow and do things by heart something beautiful and good will be the outcome. We all have this heart beat in us. Deep down we share the same love and hopes. Nevermind if we are Laowei, Chinese, old, young, rich, poor. In our hearts we are all connected. 


Stories of Heart - this is what my photographs are about

and I hope there will be many more "circles of happiness" to come!





If you have any questions on Heart to Heart, please feel free to contact me or visit their website: